The Police - Pinkpop 1979 (UK, new wave) 
Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 03:53 PM - Music, - UK, English
Dutch radio mono recording, except for the two last songs, taken from lp Propaganda, recorded at The Bottom Line, New York, April 4, 1979.

Original photo by Karel Meijer

1 So lonely
2 Fall out
3 Born in the 50's
4 Hole in my life
5 Roxanne
6 Next to you
7 Can't stand losing you
8 Landlord
9 Next to you

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Hicks from the sticks (1980, UK, new wave) 
Tuesday, October 13, 2020, 06:27 PM - Music, - UK, English
Compilation from bands around Manchester.

Side one:
1 Airkraft - Move In Rhythm
2 Expelaires - Sympathy (Don't Be Taken In)
3 Clock DVA - You're Without Sound
4 Music For Pleasure - The Human Factor
5 Nightmares In Wax - Shangri-La
6 Ada Wilson and Keeping Dark - Head In The Clouds
7 Modern Eon - Choreography
8 Medium Medium - Them Or Me

Side two:
1 Radio 5 - True Colours
2 They Must Be Russians - Where Have I Seen You
3 Section 25 - After-Image
4 Art Failure - Gimmick
5 I'm So Hollow - I Don't Know
6 Wah! Heat - Hey Disco Joe
7 Stranger Than Fiction - Immortal In Mirrors
8 The Distributors - T.V. ME

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Pere Ubu (1992, US, pere ubu) 
Monday, October 12, 2020, 01:52 PM - Music, - US, English
Dutch radio recording of a 1992 show in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Or was it 1993?
Pushin' Too Hard is a The Seeds cover from the early days, released as part of The Shape of Things.

1 Codex
2 Bus Called Happiness
3 Heaven
4 George Had A Hat - Pushin' Too Hard
5 Non-Alignment Pact

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Bowling balls from hell (1980, US, new wave / experimental) 
Saturday, October 10, 2020, 09:01 PM - Music, - US, English
Akron compilation on Clone Records.
Half filled with minmal synthesizer work of Denis DeFrange.
Other big contributer is Ralph Carney who does one song with David Thomas (Pere Ubu). Ralph Carney worked with Tom Waits and the B-52's.
Includes an early version of the Waitresses' I know what boys like.

Side one:
1 The Waitresses - Wait Here I'll Be Right Back... (I Know What Boys Like)
2 Denis DeFrange - Sector Wars
3 Ralph Carney - Closet Bears
4 Denis DeFrange - Pyrenees
5 Ralph Carney - Hösé Annå
6 Denis DeFrange - Bowling Balls Theme

Side two:
1 Ralph Carney and David Thomas - Sunset In Hibernia
2 Denis DeFrange and Mark Frazier - The Manikin Shuffle
3 Hăff Nōtz - Ride, Rider
4 Denis DeFrange - My Spys Lost
5 Hurricane Bob - Andrea
6 Denis DeFrange - The Last Pin

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Normaal - Hoe word ik Normaal (1977, NL, levend) 
Thursday, October 8, 2020, 03:20 PM - Music, - NL, Nederlands
Er is iets echt mis met mijn geheugen.
De verjaardagen van mijn beste vrienden kan ik niet onthouden, maar de teksten van dit optreden kan ik na 40 jaar zo meezingen. Ik weet zelfs nog waar de radiostoringen zitten en hoe vaak ik wiediediew moet herhalen.
Ik ging hierin mee, denk ik, in een poging me van mijn hoogbegaafd imago te ontdoen. Later kwam Rubberen Robbie daarvoor in de plaats.
Verkeersinformatie kwam gewoon door het live-optreden heen. Daar werd op gereageerd. Wie ook reageerde op de file-meldingen was Wim T Schippers als Jacques Plafond in zijn programma Ronflonflon. Eveneens te beluisteren.

1977-10-04 (opgenomen op V&D Vendomatic cassette):
01 Daldeejen
02 D'n poot op 't gas
03 Noar 't Café
04 Doar baal ik van
05 Hard wie Kruppstahl
06 Verkeersinformatie
07 Geef ut toe
08 Kom es effe hier
09 Oh dearne
10 Alie
11 A-a-auw
12 Oerend hard

Ronflonflon - Verkeersinformatie 1987-07-10

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Presage(s) (1980, UK, new wave) 
Tuesday, October 6, 2020, 03:52 PM - Music, - UK, Personal, English
A sampler on the 4AD label.

I'm a sucker for covers.
For the Psychotik Tanks' Lets have a party, I liked it so much I did a cover of their version at the Debutistenfestival in the Roermond youth center S'61 (51.197252, 5.9894048), November 3rd 1984.
As equipment I used a Yamaha PortaSound PC-100, a Sinclair ZX-81 computer with a program that could modulate the save-tone (that was the only audio the ZX could produce), a microphone of an old Sharp tape recorder, the Akai GXC-46 cassette deck as booster for a Sonolor Plein Vent transistor radio that acted as an amplifier (boy, did that work) and some kind of guitar.
The radio was the same one I used for the static noise in Jah Wobble's Blueberry Hill.
The microphone was taped to my mouth but let loose halfway. Anyway, a lot of fun (for me, not sure about the audience).

Side one:
1 Psychotik Tanks - Security Idiots
2 The Last Dance - Malignant Love
3 C.V.O. - Sargasso Sea

Side two:
1 Psychotik Tanks - Let's Have A Party
2 Modern English - Home
3 Spasmodic Caress - Hit The Dead
4 Red Atkins - Hunk Of A Punk

wieL - Let's have a party

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Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Pinkpop 1977 (UK, symphonic rock) 
Monday, October 5, 2020, 03:28 PM - Music, - UK, English
Dutch radio recording.

original photos by Wouter van Essen

1 Instrumental
2 Blinded by the Light
3 Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)

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