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      • Fiat Lux - Pandora's Music Box 1984-09-22
        From Yorkshire.

        1 Photography
        2 No More Proud
        3 The Moments
        4 Boundary
        5 Comfortable Life
        6 Secrets

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

      • KROQ-FM Devotees Album (1979, US, new wave)
        Q: ARE WE NOT DEVO?

        This LP with Devo covers was compiled from tapes sent in by KROQ listeners during the summers of 1978 and 79. The contest was short of winners so Bronson and Foos did the Bakersfield group to pad it out.
        It was this last band that made me

      • Anne Clarck- Pandora's Music Box 1984 (UK, new wave)
        September 22nd 1984 at The Doelen in Rotterdam

        Photo: Marcel Snoek 1985

        1 Nothing At All
        2 Our Darkness
        3 Sleeper In Metropolis

        [Listen low quality]
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      • Identity Parade (1979, UK, new wave)
        A collection compiled by Manchester's Piccadilly Radio DJ Pete Baker.

        Side one:
        1 V2 - Overture
        2 Mellotron - Warriors From Space
        3 Direct Hits - Soul Shoes
        4 Genocide - Renegade
        5 Speed - She's All There
        6 Eddie Mooney & The Grave -

      • Bronski Beat - Pandora's Music Box 1984 (UK, pop)
        September 21st 1984 at The Doelen in Rotterdam.

        1 No More War
        2 It Ain't Necessarily So
        3 Why
        4 I Feel Love

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

      • Folk Music (1980, UK, new wave)
        This has nothing to do with the traditional concept of "folk music".

        Yellow side:
        1 Mark O'Brien - Heart Terrorist
        2 Chancellor Of The Exchequer - Yellow Room
        3 The Different I's - This Week
        4 Infra-Red Ice Cubes - Secrets


      • Mekanik Kommando - Noorderlicht Tilburg 1984-04-20 (NL, ultra)
        Jack Kaat: piano, saxophone, synthesizer, vocals
        Peter van Vliet: bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals
        Simon van Vliet: rhythmbox, sampler, keyboards, violin
        Lasika Panyigay: bass, zang
        Mirjam van Hout: percussion, synthesizer

        1 intro
        2 ?
        3 ?
        4 ?

      • Experiments In Destiny (1980, US, west coast power pop)
        Even in 1980 it had a retro feeling.

        Side one:
        1 Stiv Bators - A Million Miles Away
        2 The Real Kids - Now You Know
        3 The Dadistics - Modern Girls
        4 Blake Xolton & The Martians - Merry Christmas
        5 Jimmy Lewis & The Checkers - Think
        6 The Nu

      • MAM - Noorderlicht, Tilburg, 1984-04-20 (NL, new wave)
        Tom America bass, vocals
        Pieter Bon vocals
        Mark van Woerkom guitar
        Antoine Kroes guitar

        Photo: Conno van Wijk

        1 You're The Other Side
        2 Needekendekundekaa
        3 Grond
        4 Lust And Loathing
        5 Pulled To The Earth
        6 Slip

      • Earcom 1 (1979, UK, new wave)
        I bought this because it was on sale and Earcom 2 had a good contribution of Joy Division.
        But number 1 was something different.

        Side one:
        1 The Prats - Prats 2
        2 The Blank Students - Fun At The Fair
        3 Graph - Drowning
        4 The Blank Students - Background

      • Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (D.A.F. / DAF) - Odissea 2001, Milano 1981-11-05 (DE, neue deutsche welle)
        Soundboard recording, from master.

        01 Sato Sato
        02 Alle Gegen Alle
        03 Der Mussolini
        04 Verlier Nicht Den Kopf
        05 Als Wär's Das Letzte Mal
        06 Mein Herz Macht Bum
        07 Verschwende Deine Jugend
        08 Ich Und Die Wirklichkeit
        09 Ich Will<

      • Darker Skratcher (1980, USA, new wave)
        A Dutch sampler of L.A. (Dennis Duck related) bands.

        Side one:
        1 Boyd Rice & Daniel Miller - Cleanliness And Order
        2 Jad Fair - XXOO
        3 Vetza - Stale Puppy-Dog Tails
        4 The Rick Potts Band - Platform Swimfins
        5 Monitor - Guardian
        6 Doodooettes -

      • Biting Tongues - Live at The Melkweg 1986-08-17 (UK, new wave)
        From the Valeri CD, 3 unknown songs.

        Some of the accompanied notes:

        In the grey days of late 1970s post-punk Manchester, youth culture was a serious affair: every musical performance was measured mostly by the conviction of its delivery. The term 'New Wave'

      • Bouncing In The Red (1980, UK, various)
        A Birmingham Compilation.
        I bought this lp mainly for the Fashion contribution.

        Side one:
        1 Steel Pulse - Biko's Kindred Lament
        2 Wide Boys - Forty Million
        3 Fashion - Let Go
        4 Dangerous Girls - Clinically Dead
        5 Denizens - Small Wonder

      • Shriekback - Live 1984 Netherlands (UK, new wave)
        The Pandora's Music Box recordings I got from Valeri.
        The others are Dutch radio recordings from an old cassette tape of mine.

        Pandora's Music Box 1984-09-21:
        1 Feelers
        2 A Kind Of Fascination
        3 Mothloop II
        4 White Out
        5 All Lined Up
    • October
      • Bandsalat (1982, DE, neue deutsche welle)
        Compilation from Musiclab Tonstudio, Berlin, on Good Noise label.

        Side one (p.m):
        1 Tempo - Days
        2 Tanzmusic - Schnelles Geld
        3 Spoons - Djungle Talkin
        4 Mad Wolf & The City Indians - The Western World (Is Going Down)
        5 System - D.A.L.L.A.S.

      • Sex Pistols - Maf Centrum Maasbree (1977, UK, punk)
        11th December 1977.
        Dutch radio recording.

        1 Pretty Vacant
        2 Anarchy in the U.K.
        3 No Fun
        4 Liar

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

      • Unzipping The Abstract (1980, UK, new wave)
        Bands Of The Manchester Musicians' Collective

        Side one:
        1 Bathroom Renovations - Intensely Henna'd
        2 Cajun Cutie - Black Man's World
        3 Dislocation Dance - You Can't Beat History
        4 The Enigma - Play With Fire
        5 Gods Gift - Creeps In<

      • Peter Hammill - Rockpalast 1981 (UK, progrock)
        With the new electronic tom-tom.
        German TV (mono) recording of concert Markthalle Hamburg 1981-11-26.

        1 The Future Now
        2 Losing Faith In Words
        3 Stranger Still
        4 My Experience
        5 The Sphinx In The Face
        6 Flight
        7 The Spirit
        8 Door

      • Subterranean modern (1979, US, new wave)
        A compilation from four San Francisco bands, central composition: I left my heart.
        Only MX-80 and the Residents did a real attempt for this song.
        On Ralph records.

        Side one:
        1 Chrome - Anti-Fade
        2 Chrome - I Left My Heart In San Francisco
        3 Chrome - Me

      • The Police - Pinkpop 1979 (UK, new wave)
        Dutch radio mono recording, except for the two last songs, taken from lp Propaganda, recorded at The Bottom Line, New York, April 4, 1979.

        Original photo by Karel Meijer

        1 So lonely
        2 Fall out
        3 Born in the 50's
        4 Hole in my life
        5 Roxanne

      • Hicks from the sticks (1980, UK, new wave)
        Compilation from bands around Manchester.

        Side one:
        1 Airkraft - Move In Rhythm
        2 Expelaires - Sympathy (Don't Be Taken In)
        3 Clock DVA - You're Without Sound
        4 Music For Pleasure - The Human Factor
        5 Nightmares In Wax - Shangri-La
        6 Ada

      • Pere Ubu (1992, US, pere ubu)
        Dutch radio recording of a 1992 show in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Or was it 1993?
        Pushin' Too Hard is a The Seeds cover from the early days, released as part of The Shape of Things.

        1 Codex
        2 Bus Called Happiness
        3 Heaven
        4 George Had A Hat - Pushin' T

      • Bowling balls from hell (1980, US, new wave / experimental)
        Akron compilation on Clone Records.
        Half filled with minmal synthesizer work of Denis DeFrange.
        Other big contributer is Ralph Carney who does one song with David Thomas (Pere Ubu). Ralph Carney worked with Tom Waits and the B-52's.
        Includes an early version of the Waitresses

      • Normaal - Hoe word ik Normaal (1977, NL, levend)
        Er is iets echt mis met mijn geheugen.
        De verjaardagen van mijn beste vrienden kan ik niet onthouden, maar de teksten van dit optreden kan ik na 40 jaar zo meezingen. Ik weet zelfs nog waar de radiostoringen zitten en hoe vaak ik wiediediew moet herhalen.
        Ik ging hierin mee, denk ik, in ee

      • Presage(s) (1980, UK, new wave)
        A sampler on the 4AD label.

        I'm a sucker for covers.
        For the Psychotik Tanks' Lets have a party, I liked it so much I did a cover of their version at the Debutistenfestival in the Roermond youth center S'61 (51.197252, 5.9894048), November 3rd 1984.
        As equipment I

      • Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Pinkpop 1977 (UK, symphonic rock)
        Dutch radio recording.

        original photos by Wouter van Essen

        1 Instrumental
        2 Blinded by the Light
        3 Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

      • Avon Calling - The Bristol Compilation (1979, UK, new wave)
        An excelent compilation from Bristol bands.

        Side one:
        1 Gl*xo Babies - It's Irrational
        2 Europeans - On The Continent
        3 Private Dicks - Green Is In The Red
        4 Moskow - Too Much Commotion
        5 Essential Bop - Chronicle
        6 Directors - What You'

      • Madness - Rockpalast 1981 (UK, new wave)
        German television recording of 1981-11-29 performance.
        Recorded on 1982-02-06.

        01 Embarrassment
        02 Sign Of The Times
        03 Close Escape
        04 Disappear
        05 Pac-A-Mac
        06 When Dawn Arrives
        07 My Girl
        08 Cardiac Arrest
        09 Promises Promises
      • Stiff Little Fingers - Rockpalast 1980 (UK, new wave)
        German television recording 1980-11-30.
        Same evening as The Jam.

        1 Nobody's Hero
        2 Wait And See
        3 Gotta Getaway
        4 Johnny Was
        5 Fly The Flag
        6 Alternative Ulster
        7 Tin Solder
        8 Suspect Device

        [Listen low quality]

    • September
      • Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Project - Symphonic Rock (1988, AU, musical)
        Musical like interpretations of classic rock songs.
        Perfect example of bad use of a drummer.

        Side one:
        1 Medley (Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions, Radio Ga Ga)
        2 Dreamer
        3 Hard To Say I'm Sorry

        Side two:
        1 Satisfaction
        2 All

      • The Jam - Rockpalast 1980 (UK, new wave)
        German television recording 1980-11-30.

        01 Going Underground
        02 Set the House Ablaze
        03 Private Hell
        04 Liza Radley
        05 Little Boy Soldiers
        06 Start!
        07 Strange Town
        08 David Watts
        09 The Eton Rifles
        10 Down in the Tube Station at Mi

      • Terence Yucca - Fantasy Games (DE, midi muzak)
        Terence Yucca plays compositions of Peter Xanten, Ted Rideout and Walter Rauxel.
        They all are Helmuth Brandenburg.
        Perfect example of bad use of a drum computer.

        Side one:
        1 Bodybuilding
        2 Believe In Magic
        3 Flaschenbier
        4 Tuttifunk
        5 The Sum

      • The Jam - Pinkpop 1980 (UK, new wave)
        Dutch radio recording.

        01 Thick as Thieves
        02 Saturday's Kids
        03 To be Someone
        04 Burning Sky
        05 Going Underground
        06 Mr. Clean
        07 Private Hell
        08 Smithers-Jones
        09 Little Boy Soldiers
        10 But I'm different now
        11 The

      • Art Heatlie - Partyphonics 1 (1970, ZA, muzak)
        Just for the sleeve.
        With Electronic Saxophone!

        Side one:
        1 You're Such A Good Looking Woman / Knock knock, Who's There?
        2 Ma Belle Amie
        3 Gimme Dat Ding / The Beat's Heat
        4 Soul Calypso
        5 Jingle Jangle / Love Is A Beautiful S

      • Jean Cohen-Solal - Captain Tarthopom (1973, FR, experimental)
        A rare record according to the prices on Discogs.
        French, lot of flute. Sometimes a bit like Supersister, but more earnest.

        Side one:
        1 Captain Tarthopom
        2 Ludions
        3 Ab Hoc Et Ab Hac

        Side two:
        1 Intime Panique
        2 Mémoires D'Un Ventr

      • Pinkpop 1973 (NL/UK, pop)
        Dutch radio recording.

        Alquin - Mr. Barnum Jr's Magnificent & Fabulous City
        Colin Blunstone - Time of the Season
        Stealers Wheel - Stuck in the Middle with You +
        Wishbone Ash - Blowin' Free (partial)

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download hi

      • The Mystic Moods - Lovers in the Night (1976, US, muzak)

        Actualy it is the Nighttide lp of The Mystic Moods Orchestra from 1966.
        This is a Dutch Reissue.

        Side one:
        1 Theme From A Summer Place
        2 Summertime
        3 Shane
        4 Days Of Wine And Roses
        5 Strangers In The Night
        6 Invitatio

      • Joy Division live @ Paradiso (1980, UK, new wave)
        Ten songs from the Paradiso performance in Amsterdam, 1980-01-11.
        From three different tapes (with different speeds, orders and qualities). It was a bit of a mess, I made the best out of it.
        There must be more complete versions around an the interweb.
        At least this one has no glitch i

      • The Mystic Moods - Love the one you're with (1972, US, muzak)

        Side one:
        1 Love
        2 How do I love you
        3 Living is giving
        4 Lay lady lay
        5 Sensuous woman

        Side two:
        1 Sweet rollin'
        2 Another dawn (with you)
        3 Warm lovin'
        4 Good feelings
        5 Love the one you're

      • The Human League live @ Festival of fools (1980, UK, new wave)
        Festival of fools 1980-06-10, venue: Meervaart.

        1 Dreams of leaving
        2 Almost medieval
        3 Perfect day
        4 Crow and a baby
        5 Marianne
        6 Empire state human
        7 Rock 'n' roll

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

      • The Mystic Moods - Erogenous (1974, US, muzak)

        Side one:
        1 Your place or mine
        2 Keep me warm
        3 The sound of love
        4 Down easy
        5 The other side of midnight

        Side two:
        1 Any way you want
        2 Honey trippin'
        3 The magician
        4 Fallen angel
        5 Get it while the

      • Bernie Green With The Stereo Mad-Men - Musically MAD (1959, US, novelty)
        This record has nothing to do with magazine MAD.
        But Alfred was what caught my attention.

        Side one:
        1 Concerto For Two Hands
        2 Morgan On 'The Mikado'
        3 Anvils, Of Course
        4 Mad Fans' Square Dance
        5 The Skater And His Dog
        6 Gunsm

      • Gang of four - Paradiso (1980, UK, new wave)
        Dutch radio recording.
        Paradiso 1980-02-15.

        1 Blood free
        2 Don't wanna be part of this
        3 Natural's not in it
        4 Contract
        5 Rosanne
        6 Glass

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

      • Rietveld - Audiovisueel (1986, NL, arty)
        From the vault of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
        Rietveldprojekt 44: assignments created at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie as part of Dick Lucas' lectures on sound.

        Side one:
        1 Ricky Schouten - The Dead Capital [5:05]
        2 Jurgen Meekel - Luctor Et Emergo [3:32]<

      • Ian Dury - Paradiso (UK, new wave)
        Dutch radio recording.
        Probably March 3rd 1978.
        Last two songs from Carré show June 12th 1979.

        01 Sex & drugs & rock & roll
        02 Upminster kids
        03 I'm partial to your abracadabra
        04 Wake up and make love to me
        05 Billy Bendley

      • Oskar Sala - Electronic Virtuosity (1970, DE, electronic)
        Serious electronica as library music.
        Trautonium galore!

        Side one - Resonances - Concerto For Mixture-Trautonium And Electronic Orchestra:
        1 Fugato
        2 Concertando
        3 Ostinato

        Side two - Suite For Mixture-Trautonium And Electronic Percussion:

      • XTC - Paradiso & RockPalast 1982 (UK, new wave)
        Live at Paradiso, Amsterdam 1982-03-08.
        Live at RockPalast, Markthalle Hamburg, 1982-02-10.

        01 Ball and chain
        02 No thugs in the house
        03 Senses working over time
        04 All along the watchtower
        05 No language in our lungs
        06 Towers of

      • Mike Moore Company - Rainbow Session (1983, DE, synthesizer)
        This comes with no time refund.
        Less than elevator music, it exists.
        Only excuse: library music is not supposed to be brilliant.

        Side one:
        A1 Burning Sky
        A2 Easy Livin'
        A3 Pink Island
        A4 My Musical Clock
        A5 Lights Of The Nights
        A6 C

      • U2 - Live at Pinkpop (1981, IE, new wave)
        For me it was a bit unexpected I had a recording of them, although I own their first lp.
        Live at Pinkpop 1981. Bono seemed surprised that so many people recognized U2.

        1 Stories for boys
        2 Boy-girl (incl I'm a believer)
        3 Out of control

        [Listen l

      • Laugh Story (weird)
        Apparently this record is only published in the Netherlands.
        Still waiting on more information on Gert Jan Tschaikovsky.

        Side one:
        1 Stan Freberg - Try
        2 Master Singers - Weather forecast
        3 Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - My brother makes the noises for the talkes

      • The Passions - Live (UK, new wave)
        Dutch radio recording.

        01 I radiate
        02 Bachelor girls
        03 I know it's you
        04 Don't talk to me (I'm shy)
        05 Someone special
        06 War song
        07 Into night
        08 Snow
        09 Alice's song
        10 The square
        11 Skin deep

      • Labels Unlimited (1979, UK, punk/new wave)
        The second record collection (of Cherry Red, my 13th).

        Side one:
        1 Rudi - Big Time
        2 Girlschool - Take It All Away
        3 Those Naughty Lumps - Iggy Pop's Jacket
        4 Spizzoil - Cold City
        5 Llygod Ffyrning - N.C.B.
        6 Newtown Neurotics - Hypocrite
      • Dissidenten - Live Melkweg (1980, DE, world)
        Dutch radio recording of show at Amsterdam Roots Festival June 20st 1998 in the Melkweg.

        1 Instinctive traveler
        2 Love supreme
        3 Life & experience
        4 All India radio

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

      • Karel Fialka - Still Life (1980, UK/IN, new wave)
        Discovered this one on the Blueprint sampler Prototypes. Actually, John Peel played it on BFBS.
        Excellent record, not so sure about the sleeve.

        Side one:
        1 The eyes have it
        2 People are strange
        3 File in forget
        4 The cost
        5 Rough and ready
    • August
      • Gruppo Sportivo - Live on Dutch radio (NL, pop)
        Unknown venue, unknown date (around 1980).

        01 Lasting forever
        02 Armee Monika
        03 Mission à Paris
        04 Superman
        05 The pogo never stops
        06 Girls never know
        07 I shot my manager
        08 Rubber gun
        09 Life in Tokyo
        10 Tokyo
        11 Instrument

      • Business unusual (1978, UK, punk/new wave)
        Side A punk, side B new wave.
        Bought this record for side B.
        Private plain gets quite a high score on the White Noise Scale.
        On Cherry Red.

        Side one:
        1 U K Subs - C.I.D.
        2 Leyton Buzzards - 19 And Mad
        3 The Outcasts - Just Another Teenage Rebel
      • Magazine live @ Festival of fools (1980, UK, new wave)
        Festival of fools 1980-06-08, venue: Meervaart.
        Last four songs are from Rockpalast, 1980-10-30, Metropol, Berlin.

        01 I'm a party
        02 Permafrost
        03 The light pours out of me
        04 You never knew me
        05 Thank you (falettinme be mice elf agin)
        06 Sh

      • Birth of the Y (1982, new wave)
        Sampler of the Y label.
        Not a christmas album at all.
        Is it Mark Stewart who is shouting on Mouth's Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea?

        Side one:
        1 Disconnection - Bali Ha'i
        2 Pigbag - Six Of One...
        3 Tymon Dogg - Low Down Dirty Weakness

      • The Cure - Live Stokvishal, Popkaravaan (1980, UK, new wave)
        Recorded from Dutch radio in 1980.

        thanks to Roel T. for the scan

        Stokvishal 1980-05-24
        01 Accuracy
        02 Jumping someone else's train
        03 Grinding halt
        04 A forest
        05 Seventeen seconds

        Vara's popkaravaan 1980-07-19

      • Paladin - Paladin (1971, UK, progressive rock)
        Not much to say about this descent record.

        Side one:
        1 Bad times
        2 Carry me home
        3 Dance of the cobra

        Side two:
        1 Third world
        2 Fill up your heart
        3 Flying high
        4 The fakir

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high qualit

      • John Cale - Live (1980-1983-1984, UK, rock)
        I still have a lot of cassette tapes at home. Some of them contain from radio recorded live shows.
        I'm starting digitizing the tapes now. Too late of course, they are already deteriorated, but better now than never.

        photo by Wolfgang Wiggers

        Recordings from thr

      • Bob Downes - Deep down heavy (1970, UK, improvisation rock)
        Electric City is a much sought after lp of Bob Downes Open Music, and therefore expensive.
        This is a much affordable album, with a couple of the same songs.
        Not very well produced, sounds like a demo session.
        On the mfp (Music for Pleasure) label.

        Side one:
    • March
      • Peter Sjardin - Changes (1982, NL, psychedelic)
        Cassette recording of a never released lp for Universe (LS54) by Peter Sjardin (Group 1850). 25 Test pressings were made in a white sleeve. The last 7 minutes are missing, they didn't fit onto the compact tape... So there still remains something to long for.
        Peter solo on the 'organis

  • 2019
    • October
      • Supersister - Live in Baarn & Meerlo (1971/1972, NL, Canterbury)
        Again not electronic, but a self made cd. This time with live recordings of Supersister, made by Dutch broadcast company VPRO. Some singles are also included.

        Two recordings are made at Midsummer Pop Festival in the village of Meerlo, Limburg, the south of the Netherlands. A small two day

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      • Legowelt meets LIMA - Live TrouwAmsterdam, 2014-10-30
        Music for Found Footage #3
        Audience recording with Nokia Lumia 920.

        This program present a selection of classic works from the LIMA (formerly Montevideo/NIMK) archive. The videos of this program were produced between 1979 and 1988 by five Dutch and international video art

  • 2012
    • March
      • A Certain Ratio - Live Paradiso, Amsterdam, 1980-11-02
        From the Valeri vaults.

        From the notes:
        A fairly rare & classic ACR soundboard from their late 1980 Benelux tour digitised from an unknown gen tape. I've cleaned this up a bit as there was a lot of noise (tape deterioration) over the first three tracks and am qui

      • 23 Skidoo - Live Aorta Amsterdam 1984
        In 2007, Valeri from Bulgaria sent me a dvd-rom with various live recordings of post-punk bands. Surprisingly enough mostly from Dutch venues. A gift from a Dutch friend he explained later. A lot were Dutch radio broadcasts.
        I totally forgot about this present until I saw it passing by while ma

    • January
      • Mo - ha ha! ['ha:`ha:] the sound of laughing; (1982, NL, Pop)
        When I first heard popduo Bauer, it reminded of the Mo (Nancy boy do I hate her, Fred Astaire). Not really justified, but anyway, I found this lp and digitized it.

        Side one:
        1 ADSR [2:21]
        2 Cheese [2:39]
        3 Breakfast [3:24]
        4 White prins [3:35]
        5 Human

  • 2011
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    • March
      • Gershon Kingsley - Much Silence
        After a very long time, finally a real music upload again. I do it more or less to get some attention (at least I hope getting it) for my new travelers site. See the banner on the right, look at the cute creatures, can you resist clicking on them?

        About the share:
        This is not the hap

    • February
        I made a site for travelers.
        The search of locations on this site is based on GPS coordinates: longitude and latitude. You indicate where you want to stay by double clicking on the map (or dragging the marker) and the system will tell you what is nearby. You even get a street view, if available

    • January
      • Snow

        Click to play

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    • December
      • Kurtis Blow - Christmas Rappin' (1979, US, rap)
        This was the first Hip-Hop song released on a major label. Kurtis recorded this with the help of producers Robert Ford and J.B. Moore. They took it to Mercury Records, who signed Kurtis to a 2-single deal, under the condition that If both singles were successful, he would get an album deal. This was

      • André van Duin - 2 (1973, NL, fun)
        Een heel oude lp van André van Duin met Dik Voormekaar trekjes. Waarschijnlijk uit de tijd dat hij nog de Abominabele Top 2000 bij Radio Noordzee Internationaal presenteerde.
        Debiele liedjes afgewisseld met reclamepersiflages en sketches.
        Een lp van de rommelzolder van Ate M Hes, dus de kr

      • Urbanus - The Scratchin' Zwaantjes (1984, BE, scratch/fun)
        Around 1983 scratching was a hype. Every artist who was old fashioned had now the chance to become modern again by making a scratch hit. You could expect a record to make this movement a bit ridiculous and at the same time making some money. Kris Kastaar did this, using samples of the popular Belgia

    • November
      • Pete Shelley - On your own (1986, UK, new wave/electronic)
        Again powerful synthpop on side one and a dub mix and experimental piece on side two.

        Side one:
        1 On Your Own (New York mix) [5:24]

        Side two:
        1 On Your Own (New York dub mix) [5:33]
        2 Please Forgive Me . . . But I Cannot Endure It Any Longer [7:43]
      • The Chinatown Philharmonic - Anthology of Dutch December Folklore 1: Klaas Komt (1990, NL, folk)
        Het gaat weer op kerst aan, merk ik aan de clicks op kerstposts van vorig jaar. Maar het moet nog Sinterklaas worden!
        Heeft u kinderen? Eigen schuld. Maar om het nog enigszins draaglijk te houden: pak ze de cd-tjes van de diverse kinderkoren af, en geef hen de zelfgebrand exemplaar van The Chin

      • Pete Shelley - Never Again (1984, UK, new wave/electronic)
        Three sides of Pete Shelley on this 12".
        Powerful synthpop on side one, dub mix and experimental drums/noises on side two.

        Pete Shelley (ex Buzzcocks): guitar, voice
        Barry Adamson (ex Magazine, ex Visage): bass
        Gerard Cookson: guitar
        Derek Thompson: bass

      • The Assembled Multitude (1970, US, muzak)
        Why this lp is made is a mystery to me. Tom Sellers had a hit with Overture from Tommy. And here he covers in the same way more pop tunes with his Assembled Multitude. Wanted to sell his own two songs included on the album? Then the choise of the other titles is somewhat strange: not really middle o

      • The Image Engine (1990)
        This is output from an Amiga program I wrote in 1990 in C. Based on 10 basic figures, the program creates constantly different abstract, unearthly landscapes.
        I couldn't see it for years. My Amiga's are broken and disks had read errors. I finally managed to save the software and thank

    • October
      • Morton Subotnick - The Wild Bull (1968, US, electronic)
        This Piece was named after a Sumerian poem (c 1700 BC).
        Morton Subotnick always used the Buchla synthesizer as his electronic instrument. Don Buchla was the west coast counterpart of the east coast Bob Moog. His synthesizers didn't have real keyboards, they were made for producing electron

      • Pandora's Music Blog
        A special Pandora's Music Box blog started this month!
        Lot's of info and articles.

        A lot of the 1983 edition music can be downloaded here at Wiel's:

      • Rema-Rema - Wheel in the Roses (1980, UK, new wave)
        The band consisted of Gary Asquith (guitar/vocals), Marco Pirroni (guitar), Mick Allen (bass/vocals), Mark Cox (keyboards) and Max (drums). Their sole EP, Wheel In The Roses, featured one side of studio recordings and another of live material. Their songs "Fond Affections" and "Rema-R

      • No new uploads for two weeks

        Too busy, sorry.

      • B.B.Gabor - B.B.Gabor (1979, CA, pop)
        B. B. Gabor was the stage name of Gabor Hegedus (1948-1990), a Hungarian-born Canadian pop singer. Hegedus fled with his parents to England in 1956 after the Soviet invasion of Hungary.
        On January 17, 1990, Gabor's body was found by police at his Toronto apartment. His death was ruled a su

    • September
      • Skids - Wide Open (1978, UK, new wave)
        When I posted live recordings of Armoury Show with Richard Jobson, I remembered I own an early 12" of the Skids, former band of Richard J.

        Other Skids members:
        Stuart Adamson - lead guitar
        William Simpson - bass
        Thomas Kellichan - drums

        Side one:

      • T.C. Matic - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (BE, electronic rock)
        The last post of Pandora's Music Box 1983 recordings.
        One of the best bands in Europe at that time. A shame they didn't really made it in the UK and USA. Listen to this performance, live they are even better than in the studio.

        Arno Hintjens - vocals
        Jean-Marie Aerts -

      • Fad Gadget - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (UK, electronic/new wave)

        2 songs, 5'02"

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

      • Barclay James Harvest - Live (1974, UK, symphonic rock)
        For the Mellotron fetishist.
        I personally prefer these live versions. In the studio BJH could polish the sound and use symphony orchestras, which made the already mellow songs too sweet. Live they had to perform the music with keyboards (mellotron!), guitar, bass and drums. That made the sound

      • SPK - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (AU, electronic/new wave)
        Surgical Penis Klinik
        System Planning Korporation
        Sozialistisches Patienten Kollektiv

        1 Metal Field
        2 Metal Dance

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

      • Howard Devoto - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (UK, new wave)
        Former Buzzcocks and Magazine member.
        Denies to have screwed Tony Wilson's girlfriend on the Russell Club's toilet.

        1 Cold Imagination
        2 Some Will Pay
        3 Rainy Season
        4 About the Weather

        [Listen low quality]

    • August
      • De Dik Voormekaar Show (1975, NL, fun)

        Kant 1:
        01 Tune Dik Voormekaar Show (76 Trombones)
        02 Apengein
        03 Vara's vrolijk gevarieerde visite
        04 De tamme boerenzoon
        05 Cursus koeien melken
        06 Dik Voormekaar Aktueel
        07 Groeten voor zeevarenden
        08 La Bamba
        09 Interview van de week

      • The Moog Machine - Switched-On Rock (1969, US, electronic)
        The Moog is played by Kenny Ascher, arrangements are done by Alan Foust and Norman Dolph produced & tuned.

        Some liner stuff:
        The amazing thing about all the sounds is not that they are done one voice at a time, but rather one finger at a time. The silly machine only plays one not

      • The Danse Society - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (UK, gothic/new wave)

        3 songs, 14'02"

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

      • Samsung DVD HR753 region free
        Today I bought a harddisk/dvd recorder at the Mediamarkt. It can play a lot of DivX formats (not all), it can write on DVD-R and DVD-RW and has a 160 GB harddisk, which is good for 40 hours high quality recording (lower quality is rubbish).
        The price was reasonable, but they asked 50 Euro if yo

      • The Box - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (UK, new wave)
        This is NOT The Box formed in 1981 by Jean-Marc Pisapia, an early member of Men Without Hats.
        Thanks to Frank Vink we know now that this one is formed by:
        Peter Hope - vocals
        Charlie Collins - saxophone (ex-Clock Dva)
        Paul Widger - guitar (ex-Clock Dva)
        Terry Todd - bass
      • Skeleton Crew - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (US, noise/folk)
        Skeleton Crew was a project from ex-Henry Cow alternative guitarist Fred Frith and experimental Bay Area cellist and multi-instrumentalist Tom Cora.
        Formed as a duo, the two (occasionally augmented by Zeena Parkins on keyboards and harp) toured extensively with a combination of experimental roc

      • Peter Hammill - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (UK, symphonic rock)
        Not only the young ones played at Pandora, also some of the old and tough were invited.
        So was Peter Hammill with some ex Van Der Graaf Generator members.

        1 Patient
        2 The Future Now
        3 The Last Frame

        [Listen low quality]

      • Peter Nero - Midnight Cowboy (1969, US, lounge/electronic)
        Formerly entitled: Hits from "Hair" to Hollywood.
        The Moog synthesizer, heard on "Midnight Cowboy", "The Windmills of Your Mind", Let the Sunshine In" and "Be-In", is played by Peter Nero.

        Side one:
        1 Midnight Cowboy - Eve

      • Jos van Rey (1945-heden, Remuunj)
        Zuiderlucht vroeg me een stukje voor hen te schrijven als Limburgse expat.
        Nu heb ik dat altijd een merkwaardig fenomeen gevonden: iemands mening belangwekkend beschouwen vanwege het feit dat hij de provincie verlaten heeft.
        In Roermond bestond zelfs een club van ex-buiten-limburg-gangers

      • Durutti Column - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (UK, new wave)
        Durutti Column was Vini Reilly on guitar and Bruce Mitchell on drums.
        Vini was often asked by Martin Hannett as part of The Invisible Girls to assist on guitar, for instance on Pauline Murray and The Invissible Girls and on John Cooper Clarke's Snap, Crackle & Bop.

        The band&

      • Die Haut (with Nick Cave) - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (AU/DE, new wave)
        Nick Cave's second live guest appearance with Die Haut (line-up: Christoph Dreher, Remo Park, Martin Peter & Thomas Wydler). They perform songs from the "Burnin' The Ice" album recorded in Aachen in December 1982. Nick Cave vocals on Stow-a-way.

        Photo: Leo Va

    • July
      • Siouxsie + Banshees - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (UK, new wave/gothic)
        Siouxsie with a Beatles cover, I wonder why, it's not good or special and the key doesn't fit her.
        The band got their name from Edgar Allan Poe's Cry of the Banshee.
        Anton Corbijn is mentioned in a announcement.

        Paradise place
        Dear prudence

      • Strawberry Switchblade - Let her go (1985, UK, new wave/pop)
        A 12" from these two gothic lolita's avant la lettre from Scotland.
        You can find them also on YouTube.
        And there are free BBC session, live and unreleased recordings available at

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality

      • Spear of Destiny - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (UK, new wave)
        Spear of Destiny was the third band of Kirk Brandon, his first was the Pack and the second Theatre of Hate. He is currently touring with Dead men Walking (now including Captain Sensible!), also playing songs of these earlier bands.

        1 Forbidden Planet
        2 Everything you ever

      • Another Absurd Record (1979, UK, new wave/weird) Re-upload
        A re-upload, but the original post was not mine. It was on Mein Walkman Ist Kaputt, but something happened there, not only his walkman, but all the older posts are kaputt. Zakey asked me if I could post those files. Of course, your demand is my service. And I included both sides of Gerry + the Holog

      • Kowalski - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (DE, new wave)
        Kowalski was a band from Wuppertal.
        Uwe Fellensiek: vocals
        Hans Bäär (aka Hans Maahn): bass
        Rüdiger Braune: drums
        Rüdiger Elze (aka LC): guitar
        They made one lp: Schlagende Wetter
        Kowalski is the second most common surname in Poland. It translates to blacksmith were it

      • Clock DVA - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (UK, new wave)
        Clock DVA was a group from Sheffield in different lineups around Adi Newton (vocals, electronics).
        The name was inspired by the Russian-influenced Nadsat of Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange. Dva is the Russian word for two.

        3 songs 15'38"

        [Listen lo

      • Armoury Show - Pandora's Music Box 1983 (UK, new wave)
        The coming time I post some radio recordings from the Pandora's Music Box festival in Rotterdam 1983.
        Often I don't know the names of the songs and I didn't split them, so in the post you'll find one big mp3 file. You can split it yourself without re-encoding with mp3DirectC

      • Kewi a gogo party - Sie wunscht sich ein Kewi ins bett (1980, NL, reggae/pop)
        De Kewi's are Kees Maas and William Wisselink. If the name of a duo is formed out of the first two characters of the names, you know it is silly.
        Side one is in German with a Dutch accent, side two in English with a very Dutch accent and Latin with even a more Dutch accent.
        But, in a

      • Honey Bane - Turn me on - Baby love (1981, UK, new wave/electronic)
        Honey Bane (real name Donna Tracy Boylan) could be the forerunner of the cosplayers in Japan. But before she became a cutie, she was part of the Fatal Microbes, Poison Girls and Crass.
        In this post two of her singles, or in fact three, Turn me on Turn me off is a double.

      • Polyphonic Size - PS (1981, BE, electronic/new wave)
        Actually, Polyphonic Size has never been a real band, but Roger-Marc Vande Voorde's project.
        Being a true Rolling Stones fan, he started to learn guitar and began to play in small local bands : Berk, Reynolds, Magnetix and mostly Melody.
        Roger-Marc was also running a belgian Strangle

    • June
      • Stephane Gasparini - La lecon de chant Electro-Magnetique (1983, IT/FR, electronic/opera)
        How did an adjective like Electro Magnetic, which only originated in 1823, germinate in the minds of J. Offenbach and E. Bourget, so that today it has become a common term.
        Just imagine an Italian singing teacher in 1983 with his own recording studio comprising numerous electro-magnetic instrum

      • The Dead Beatle
        I got a message from Alleee of Mondo Diablo. My Silly Beatles post inspired her to make a podcast with some of my shared music. She combined it with a lot of other worthwhile Beatles covers and a radio broadcast of a syndicated special detailing the Paul is Dead phenomenon, which is a funny idea: Pa

      • Sjardin's Terrible Surprise - Live First (1981, NL, speed pop)
        Years after Group 1850 disbanded, Peter Sjardin tried to take a more commercial line with this Terrible Surprise. The music was a kind of speedy rock 'n' roll in Herman Brood and Gruppo Sportivo style. Herman Brood later took over the female background singers.
        The critics were mercil

      • The Who Boys (UK, plunder/mashup)
        Six albums full of cleverly combined songs of others and some originals. All downloadable!
        They call it Mashup pop.

      • The Silly Beatles (weird)
        A colleague of mine asked me to make a compilation for her of the silly covers I have of Beatles songs. While busy with that, I thought by myself: why not sharing this? So here it is.
        I must admit, I took a lot from the fabulous the Exotic Beatles compilations of Jim Phelan.

      • Fair in my birth town (a week after Whit Sunday, NL)

        I couldn't find a streaming link, so I used a javascript trick: <script language="JavaScript">
        function reloadMarktImage() {
        var mynow = new Date();
        if (document.images) {
        document.images.Roermond.src =

    • May
      • Gil Trythall - Luxikon II/Echospace (1980, US, electronic)
        Original music from the man who covered lots of country hits on his moog: Country Moog & Nashville Gold. Thanks to Vasco who sent me this gem.
        Both compositions were made for a dance performance.
        Principal instrumentation includes: Moog IIIc modular, two interconnected Micromoogs, EML

      • Wiel's Instruments live from Ameland (May 27, 2007, 03:48 PM, NL)
        In Gallery Dit Eiland

        Click on the image to hear them.

        And the Maastricht counterpart...

      • John Keating Incorporated - Hits in Hi-Fi 1 (1974, UK, lounge)
        "The songs are all from the 70's and are performed entirely (with the exception of the rhythm section) on electronic keyboard instruments, some of which at the time of recording were prototypes."
        (from the sleeve notes)

        They forgot to mention the electric fuzz and wah-

      • No posts this weekend
        I'm in Wroclaw, Poland, at the 12th International Media Art Biennale WRO 07.

        I'll try continue posting next Tuesday.

      • Gabor Szabo - Nightflight (1976, HU/US, smooth jazz)
        Jazz purists hate this record. They have problems with soul and disco producer Bunndino Siggalucci (Bunny Sigler). I think it's his best album. Beautiful sound, relaxing tunes and excellent guitar playing. Never released on cd; shame!
        Music to crash by...

        Side one:
      • MX-80 Sound - O Type (1980, US, industrial rock)
        The best rock band I've never seen.
        An 8'20" instrumental version of O Type can be found on the cd Das Love Boat.
        This 7" version is split in two parts, with vocals. On Ralph records.
        You can watch MX-80 on YouTube:
        15 Laffs (1992 live, Bottom of the Hill, SF)

      • Passage - About Time (1979, UK, new wave/electronic)
        Last weeks, a couple of 7"s were lying near my turntable, but I could not bring myself to rip them. Every time I stumbled upon a library or other odd lp.
        Finally, here is the first one: the second concept single of Passage, About Time, you can say that. It took them about a year to release

    • April
      • Brandenburg Big Band - Classics in Rhythm (1971, DE, popular classic)
        Helmut Brandenburg was conductor of the Rias-Tanzorchester around 1971. Rias stands for Rundfunk im amerikanischen Sektor. Under the name of Brandenburg Big Band they made this popular classic album, in a kind of Ekseption/Waldo de Los Rios style, with additional use of some electronics.

      • Swing Family - Music Force (1985, FR, disco/fusion)
        Swing Family is library music artist Sauveur Mallia on Bass, EMU, DX7, MSQ 700, Sequential Circuit, Mini Moog and Oberheim, accompanied by three wind instrument players. The music actually is company movie background music. I bought it for the cover (the price was also cheap).

      • Gert Jan Tchaikovsky - An der schönen blauen Donau (1970? DE, weird)
        Who is this guy?
        Where did he play?

        I have this recording on cassette tape, taken from a Dutch compilation lp Laugh Story (EMI 5 C050 24921). Also appearing on that record: Stan Freberg, the Master Singers and Mrs Miller.
        I think he's Dutch, but he

      • Dave Vorhaus & Dave Bradnum - Sound Conjurer (1983, UK, electronic)
        Dave Vorhaus was the leading man of the White Noise. A lot of people only know his first magnificent lp An Electric Storm, but he made a lot more. To begin with: White Noise 2 till 5.5 (from 3 still available on his site). And a lot of library music on KPM, a.o. Out of the Dark, Sleight of Mind, Min

      • Synthesizers Unlimited - Electric Bazaar (1974, UK, electronic)
        Synthesizers Unlimited is a project by Anthony King of whom I don't know much. He performed Soul of the city on the album of Gunther Leonhardt (1971) and collaborated with John Matthews on Pots and Sides (1974).
        He also made “Lost star” in the seventies, according to Vitalis on Scopia and

      • Jah Wobble + Ollie Marland - Neon Moon (1985, UK, funk/electronic/dub)
        Like Snake Charmer released on Island Records and never put on cd.
        This time in cooperation with Ollie Marland (keyboards & percussion) and the vocal talents of Shara Nelson, Norma Lewis, Lisa Sullivan and Lorna Rowe.

        Side one:
        1 Love mystery [5:50]
        2 Love m

      • Apparat Organ Quartet (2003, IS, electronic)
        Apparat Organ Quartet from Iceland live on the Lowlands festival (NL) 2003 with Cruise Control.

        [Watch it]
        [Read and hear more]

      • Jah Wobble, The Edge, Holger Czukay - Snake Charmer (1983, UK/DE, new wave/funk/electronic)
        On this mini lp, Jah Wobble works again with Holger Czukay (Can). He did that before in 1981 on the excellent 12" How Much Are They? Also available on the Full Circle cd.
        The Edge (U2) performs slide guitar on Snake Charmer and lead guitar and atmospherics on Hold On to Your Dreams. This w

      • Jah Wobble - Samsara (2005, UK, world/electronic/dub)
        This video of a masterpiece from the Mu cd is online available.

        [View low quality fragment]
        [Download higher quality at 30 Hertz Records]

    • March
      • Jah Wobble - V.I.E.P. (1980, UK, new wave/electronic/dub)
        Together with Betrayal, this is the best Jah Wobble lp/ep, to my taste. Totally weird.
        I once wanted to do the Wobble version of Blueberry Hill at Paradiso's Latente Talente Show in Amsterdam, but the band didn't know where to begin. At the Debutistenfestival in S61, Roermond, the ba

      • Wolfgang Düren - Eyeless Dream (1980, DE, electronic)
        Wolfgang Düren became more widely known to people as the chairman of Waldorf Music. Before founding Waldorf Music he partnered with Wolfgang Palm, the man behind PPG, and distributed his synths in the late seventies till the fall of PPG in the mid eighties. Later Wolfgang distributed the synths of W

      • Jah Wobble - Island Paradise (1987, UK, new wave/ethnic/dub)
        Despite some re-issues (Betrayal, Psalms) and samplers (Early Years, Anthology), a lot of the music of Jah Wobble never came available on cd and probably never will. He is too busy with producing new music on 30 Hertz Records.
        I will post some 12"s with earlier work that (at least some son

      • Minimoog 2
        A new craze is going on: building miniature versions of analogue synthesizers...

        Follow the links:
        Rick Wakeman's keyboards
        Barbie @ Music Thing
        Synthgear (Moog Modular pdf)

      • The Flirts - Passion (1982, US, pop/electronic)
        The Flirts were a creation of Bobby Orlando. B-52's like music; in the slower, synthesizer based songs, more like Donna Summer. Bobby O. was producer of Divine, the early Pet Shop Boys and Lisa Lisa.

        Side one:
        1 Jukebox (don't put another dime) [3:42]
        2 Boy

      • Mike Hankinson - The Unusual Classical Synthesizer (1972, UK/US, electronic/classical)
        Mike Hankinson was born in Great Britain and lives in South Africa, but this lp was produced in the United States. I got the mp3's and scans from a visitor, who was so kind to allow me to share them.

        from the sleeve notes:
        This record is the first L.P. ever recorded

      • Joop Stokkermans - The Magic of the ARP-Synthesizer (1970, NL, electronic)
        Stokkermans is a famous composer in the Netherlands. He wrote the music for television series like Q & Q, Oebele, Tita Tovenaar, Kunt U Mij De Weg Naar Hamelen Vertellen Meneer, Barbapapa and De Berenboot. And he wrote songs for Dutch artists like Jasperina de Jong, Rob de Nijs, Paul de Leeuw, S

      • The Time Capsule is offline tomorrow

        The server will be moved to another location tomorrow morning (C.E.T.). It also gets a new ip-number, so it takes a while before all the name servers pick that up.

      • Blueprint - Prototypes (1980, UK/CA, pub rock/new wave)
        Prototypes was a sampler by the Blueprint label. On it, 2 songs each of four acts: Fabulous Poodles, Karel Fialka, The Crooks and B.B.Gabor. The bands had not much in common and Blueprint was not a success and disappeared soon.
        I personally like the dark synthesizer work of Karel Fialka the bes

      • The Love Machine - Electronic Music to Blow Your Mind By!!! (1968, US, electronic)
        This is 60's library beat with Hammond organ and they put all the effects on it they could get their hands on. Like Jimmie Haskell did on his exotica Countdown album and Belgium band The Free Pop Electronic Concept on A New Exciting Experience.
        My copy is a bootleg cd (Zippy). The last 2 s

      • Sammie America's Gasphetti - Too much understanding (1980, NL, art rock)
        Sammie America's Gasphetti was the band of the Dutch artist Tom America, he later formed MAM. I found this single on the attic of a youth center and you can hear that. My noise filter did its job, but still... The b-side, Orange, is so short, they play it twice and it still does under the two m

      • The Donkeys - Don't Go - Let's Float (1980-1981, UK, power pop)
        I must admit, it was a little disappointment when I heard this again. In my mind the Donkeys were excellent, but they are only quite good. A bit like the Jam in the early days. I like the close harmony singing.
        I have, and post, the two last singles (from four) they released.
        Later they re

    • February
      • The Delta Merchant - Switched on Blues (1970, US, electronic/soul)
        This is not so much moog as you would expect from the title. Only in a few songs it plays the main role. In the others it does the brass part.
        It even is not really blues, more soul.
        I hope I have the titles right, on the label the a and b side were switched and on the cover one title was

      • Four-year prison sentence for blogger “Kareem Amer” (2007, EG)

        Reporters Without Borders strongly condemned the four-year prison sentence imposed today by a court in Alexandria on Abdel Kareem Nabil Suleiman for “inciting hatred of Islam” and insulting President Hosni Mubarak in his blog, for which he used the pseudonym of “Kareem Amer.”

      • Genesis - As Though Emerald City (1975, UK, symphonic rock)
        Live at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, one of the largest theaters in the United States.

        From their The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway period.
        Side one is mainly work from this double lp, side two consists of the Musical Box plus two studio recordings: Happy the M

      • De Dommedaris - Doe Maar Dom!! (1995, NL, carnaval)
        Het is weer carnaval in het zuiden, ik zou het bijna vergeten. Vroeger kreeg je altijd een waarschuwing in de vorm van ranzige 'hollandse' liedjes op de radio. Die tijd is gelukkig voorbij. Tenminste dat denk ik, ik luister nooit meer naar de radio.
        In 1995 probeerden beeldend kunsten

      • Berend Dubbe - Cantina @ vpro (maandag 19 feb 2007 12:02 747 AM, NL)
        Cantina @ vpro
        Berend Dubbe, de helft van het popduo Bauer
        maandag 19 februari 2007 12:00-14:00 747 AM (Concertzender)

        Wordt wel leuk denk ik.

      • Ralph Carmichael - The Electric Symphony (1970, US, electronic)
        This is a religious Moog album on the Light record label. You can tell that from the titles, but you can hardly hear it. The music is good and the Moog well used. It is played by Clark Gassman, the same guy who played the Moog on Martin Denny's Exotic Moog. Ralph Carmichael was the director. Ca

      • Adrian Munsey - Main Theme (1981, UK, serious)
        This single lacks the lonely sheep. But there is some sad singing on the b-side.

        1 Main theme
        2 I think it's going to rain today

        [Listen to low quality fragments]
        [Download high quality]

      • Pink Military - Do Animals Believe in God? (1980, UK, new wave/electronic)
        The only lp of Pink Military. I like side two especially, four songs are competing for the White Noise Award. And the winner is Do Animals Believe in God? with nine points.
        After this not so successfull album, Casey reformed the band and named it Pink Industry.

        Side one:<

      • Pink Military - Blood & Lipstick (1979, UK, new wave/electronic)
        Pink Military is a band Jayne Casey formed with Nicky Cool, after Big in Japan broke up. Their first release was a 7" live ep Buddha Waking Disney Sleeping. This is their first and only 12". Side one has up tempo songs and side two is more experimental. I Cry is very different from the lp

      • Bob Callaghan - Instrumental Moog Synthesizer (1973, IT, electronic)
        This lp was a nice puzzle. If it wasn't for the four letter word on the cover, I wouldn't have purchased it. I bought it yesterday and I tried to figure out who played on it and why.
        It's on a Dutch label, but clearly intended for the Italian market.
        Most of the songs are pl

      • The Danse Society - Womans Own (1982, UK, new wave/electronic)
        This is the first record I bought from The Danse Society, and it was the reason why I purchased a lot of their other stuff. But the Womans Own 12" still is the best. Continent deserves a 6 on the White Noise Scale.

        1 Womans Own [3:24]
        2 Continent [4:39]
        3 We

      • Mrs. Miller - Does her thing (1968, US, novelty)
        Capitol released on Ultra Lounge Wild, Cool & Swingin' a magnificent collection of the first three Mrs. Miller lp's. Those were all Capitol lp's. But there is a fourth lp on Amaret: Mrs. Miller Does her thing. This is never (officially) released on cd.

        "After thre

    • January
      • Jimi Hendrix - Live in Stockholm (1967-1969, US, jimi hendrix)
        Most of this album consists of radio recordings from Radiohus Studio, Stockholm, Sweden, 9/5/67. The last two songs are recorded live at the Konserthus, Stockhom, 1/9/69. Wizardo WRMB 333.
        The record is a bit scratchy.

        Jimi Hendrix - guitar
        Noel Redding - bass

      • Roger Roger - Music for Fun (1968, FR, electronic)
        24 One minute library melodies plus short tags of Roger Roger on Mondiophone MON-18.

        Side one:
        01 Rigamarole (Laughing Mania)
        02 Les Joyeux Marteaux (Merry Hammers)
        03 Valse pas Serieuse (Merry Waltz)
        04 Piano Western
        05 Galop des Galopins (Kids Race)<

      • W.A.T. live at Pandora's Music Box (1983, NL, new wave)
        W.A.T. (from World According To) were a Dutch trio based on sequencers, slide guitar and a thin female voice.
        Ad van Meurs: guitar, voice
        Ankie Keultjes: synthesizer, voice
        Frank Van Nieuwenhof: bass guitar

        They played on Pandora's Music Box, a new wave fe

      • Rhythm of Life - Soon - Summertime (1981, UK, pop)
        Between Josef K and his solo career, Pail Haig made two singles with Stephen Harrison under the name Rhythm of Life. To confuse us, Paul named his second solo album also Rhythm of Life.
        The 7" I have is 1 and A sided, both simple pop songs.

        A - Soon [3:00]
        1 - S

      • Today, Thursday January 25, 20h30, Theater Kikker, Utrecht, NL
        LUISTEREN! in Kikker Cinemuze/Krachtstroom
        Theater Kikker, Ganzenmarkt 14, 3512 GD Utrecht
        Thursday January 25, 20h30
        an evening with films and a lecture by Frits Weiland

        Ton Bruynèl/Bert Schierbeek/Fred van Dijk - video

      • Fashion - Product Perfect (1979, UK, new wave)
        There are two versions of Fashion. This is the first version with singer/guitarist Luke James. The music at this time is a kind of scarce art rock. A synthesizer is used, but not to create a wall of sound as the later Fashion did. Luke's voice is unique.

        And there are two versions of

      • The Danse Society - Say it again (1985, UK, new romantic)
        A double 12" from 1985.

        1 - Say it again (extended danse mix) [7:04]
        2 - Fade away (she's in your dreams) [3:15]
        3 - Sensimilla [5:59]
        4 - Treat me right [3:59]

        [Listen low quality fragments]
        [Download high quality]

      • Rick Powell - Switched-On-Country (1970, US, electronic/country)
        Who was first, Gill Trythall or Rick Powell? Anyway, Mr. Trythall is definitely better, but this is also worthwhile listening to, especially for Steel Guitar Rag, Ruby, Kaw-Liga and I walk the line.

        Side one:
        1 Steel Guitar Rag
        2 Born To Lose
        3 Cattle Call

      • A Certain Ratio - I need someone tonite (1983, UK, funk)
        Both songs on this 12" are not available on a regular A Certain Ratio cd.
        The b-side is a rather pointless version of the Steve Wonder song Dont you worry bout a thing. It's exactly the same... But a nice curiosity.

        1 - I need someone tonite [5:39]
        2 - Dont

      • Bryan Ferry - As the world turns (1977, UK, pop)
        What the @#$%& does BF on this blog...?
        It's not about Bryan Ferry, it's about Robert Fripp. He plays on the b-side. This is in the same period as he played on Heroes of Bowie. Fripp didn't have his own band at that time.

        1 This is tomorrow
        2 As t

      • Bartok - Insanity (1982, UK, new wave)
        Bartok was John Grant and Simon Werner of punk band the Straps with Rat Scabies of the Damned and on track 1 Jah Wobble.
        They only made this 12".

        1 Insanity [2:45]
        2 I am the bomb [3:18]

        [Listen low quality fragments]
        [Download high quality]

      • Colour Box - Breakdown (1982, UK, new wave/synth pop)
        Colour Box had a hit with The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme in 1987. They had even a bigger hit that same year under the name M|A|R|R|S (in collaboration with A R Kane) with Pump up the Volume.
        But this is their first single from 1982 (12" version, BAD 215).

        1 B

      • A Certain Ratio - Greetings Four (1986, UK, new wave/funk)
        Almost all the work of A Certain Ratio is issued on cd. Almost. I have some recordings that are only available on 12". I will post them and I start with Greetings Four. The first song, The Runner, is never released on cd. The 12" came out on The Italian label Materiali Sonoti, based in San

      • The Danse Society - There is no shame in death (1980, UK, new wave/electronic/gothic)
        The first 12" of the Dance Society.
        What kind of music would they have made if there were no echo machines?

        1 - There is no shame in death [12:19]
        2 - Dolphins [3:06]
        3 - These frayed edges [4:18]

        [Listen low quality fragments]
        [Download hig

      • Genesis - BBC master dat (1972, UK, symphonic rock)
        In my post of Supersister live in Meerlo I mentioned that Genesis was playing at that festival too. A Genesis fan club picked this up, they have a list of all the Genesis performances, but the concert at the Midsummer Pop Festival 1972 in Meerlo was not on that list, even not on the gig list of Phil

      • Vinyl flexi's (1982-1983, UK, new wave)
        In a previous post I requested some rips of Vinyl magazine flexi discs.
        Toon from Belgium was kind enough to send me those.
        I hereby share them.
        Thanks to Toon!

        Cabaret Voltaire - Over And Over
        Gang Of Four - Lord Make Me A Cowboy
        Mark Stewart And The

      • Another Absurd Record (1979, UK, new wave/weird)
        In October I posted Gerry & the Holograms on Another Absurd Record.
        Without me knowing it, the guy(s) of Mein Walkman Ist Kaputt posted in November six other releases of that label.
        I just found out.

        Click on the image to go to the post.

      • Listen temporary removed

        I have to do this, it costs too much data traffic.

        The possibility to listen comes back, but then with fragments.


      • De Minuut van Ruud laatste deel (Jaap Aap Show - Media-Mangel, 1989)
        Eindelijk alle Minuten van Ruud die ik heb op YouTube gezet.

        Geinig ?
        Op verzoek heb ik een aantal afleveringen op mediafire en megaupload gezet:
        (in video-cd mpeg1 formaat)
        Animal Crackers compilatie [mf] [mu]
        Jaap Aap c

      • Anthology of Dutch Electronic Tape Music Volume 2 (1966-1977, NL, electronic)
        This double-lp is volume 2 of Anthology of Dutch Electronic Tape Music. I posted Volume 1 (1955-1966) last week.
        If aliens invade the earth, they will not understand Grunge, Trance or Gangsta, but this they will.

        This lp and volume 1 are re-issued on cd (the recordings ar

      • Barry Andrews - Rossmore Road (1981, UK, pop)
        Barry Andrews was founding member of XTC (1977-1978).
        In 1981 he formed Shriekback with David Allen (Gang of Four) and Carl Marsh.
        In between he played with Robert Fripp's League of Gentlemen and had his own band Restaurant for Dogs. From this period dates this solo 7".

      • Bakersfield Boogie Boys - Okie from Muskogee (1980, US, new wave/weird)
        On this 12" the Bakersfield Boogie Boys covered the red neck Merle Haggard song Okie from Muskogee in a way Devo did with (I can't get no) Satisfaction.
        Get off my cloud (Rolling Stones) and I get around (Beach Boys) got a more Flying Lizards like treatment, not at least caused by the

      • Synapse (1976-1978)
        Old electronic music magazine Synapse on-line.
        I found this news on Matrixsynth, a nice blog for synth nerds.
        Articles about Kraftwerk, Tonto (world's largest synthesizer), Moog, Zappa and Fripp, focusing on the use of electronic equipment and lots of dated advertisements.

  • 2006
    • December
      • Nino Nardini - Funny Moogy (1983, FR, electronic)
        I bought this as a bootleg cd.
        The bootlegger tried to reduce the noise of the old lp.
        By doing so, he damaged some synthesizer sounds.
        That's a pity. The music is excellent.

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]
        (download links may not wor

      • Anthology of Dutch Electronic Tape Music Volume 1 (1955-1966, NL, electronic)
        This double album was released by Donemus and intended (I think) to be spread amongst university libraries. Donemus doesn't publish electro acoustic music anymore, NEAR (Nederlands Elektro-Akoestisch Repertoirecentrum) took that over. But their distribution was so bad, they left that to Basta M

      • De Minuut van Ruud (Jaap Aap Show - Media-Mangel, 1989)
        Vanochtend zag ik op YouTube een herhaling van de Jaap Aap Show van Andre van Duin bij een of ander Gala met Jos Brink. Dat deed me er aan denken dat bij mij nog een heel stel afleveringen op een plank staan te verpieteren.
        Daarom ben ik aan't digitaliseren geslagen en de komende tijd zet

      • Mr John Dowie - Another Close Shave (1977, UK, weird)
        I saw John Dowie once on a festival. With another guy, they introduced each other as Mr. John Dowie. They did a song called 'Only Men Shave', as opposed to 'Only Women Bleed' which was a hit for Julie Covington at that time.

        He hated the Dutch, but I loved

      • Adrian Munsey - The Lost Sheep (1979, UK, weird)
        Weird record. It is not clear to me if was meant that way when it was recorded. Adrian still makes melancholy music with his orchestra as you can hear and see on his website.

        Somebody posted the video on YouTube. Mr Munsey impersonates his sheep here.
        (the original video

      • The Mad Mystery Sound - It's a Super-Spectacular Day (1979, US, weird)
        According to Wikipedia this is a multisided record. Strange name, it is only playable on one side, but it has at least seven grooves. Each groove has it's own version of the same song. They all start the same but the ends are different. Which version you hear depends on where the stylus of your

      • Roger Roger - Sounds Industrial (FR, electronic)
        Finally a record from Roger Roger. The titles don't have names, just numbers.
        Year of release is unknown.

        On this stylish site you can read more about library music (in french).

        Not shared anymore

      • A Flux in 3d - Divide (NL, 1982, electronic/new wave)
        I think I now have found all the Vinyl flexi-disks I have. I didn't post them all, some are not really worth it. But this one is ok. The singer liked Alan Vega, I suppose. The instruments are sequencers and distorted guitar.

        A Flux in 3d came from Nuenen, near Eindhoven a

      • Georges Rodi - Electronic Sounds (FR, electronic)
        Is it Roger Roger? Is it Nino Nardini? No, it's super Georges Rodi!
        The Moog Cookbook must have heard this before they started.
        All synthesizer with some guitar on Morning Song.
        Too good to only be called 'library music'.
        Especially Sideral Clock gets an 8 on the W

      • Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - Live in Holland (1982-1983, UK)
        In the early eighties a lot of new wave bands were recorded live and transmitted by Dutch radio.
        I recorded some of them on cassette tape. Including two concerts of Jah Wobble. It is not his best period, the music is a kind of improvisation jazz funk.
        The first concert was in Vera, Groning

      • And a Merry Critmas from Tortelvis

      • The Yobs - Christmas Album (1980, UK, punk rock)
        The Yobs were the Boys. Maybe they thought this alias was a swell idea.
        Traditional songs with loud guitars, drums, shouting and swearing. Jingle Bells got a different approach: slow synthesizer work.
        Again available on cd.

        Here is a list of Christmas punk albums: ht

      • A Christmas Record (1981, US, miscellaneous styles)
        Not Christmas tunes done in a different style, but original songs.
        Most happy melodies (except of course the ones by Suicide/Alan Vega), not always happy lyrics.
        A sampler of ZE Records. Strange mixture but all very American Big City sounds.

        Again available on cd.
      • The Dickies - Silent Night (1978, US, punk)
        Nice heavy Christmas song from the Dickies.
        On the back side The Sound of Silence (*NOT*) of Simon & Garfunkel.

        Not shared anymore. Complaints received.

      • Vinyl (1981-1983)
        I posted some flexi-discs from the Vinyl magazine.
        You may wonder how it looked like.
        Well, like this:

        You might even wonder how it looked inside, you can download issue 2 as pdf (14MB).
        Warning: it is in Dutch, except for the John Cooper Clarke interview and Ha

      • Sy Mann - Switched On Santa! (1970, US, electronic)
        I know, this lp pops up everywhere these days.
        But I digitized it last week, so I share it now. In the Netherlands you don't do any christmas things before 'Sinterklaas' (a Santa Claus look alike), the 6th of December.

        Sy Mann did the arrangements, Jean Jac

      • Mekanik Kommando - ~~~~~~~ ++/+- (1981, NL, electronic/new wave)
        Dutch band from Nijmegen. Although I lived in Nijmegen at that time, I managed never to see them. This was a free flexi-disc that came with the first issue of the Dutch modern music magazine 'Vinyl'.

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

        See al

      • Signal(s) (1981, NL, new wave)
        Flexi from Dutch Vinyl magazine issue 2.
        Signal(s) came from the south of the Netherlands (Maastricht, Eindhoven).
        The music is, Joy Division like, Doom.

        On a French web site they ask 30€ for a copy. Here you can get it for free!

        Frank van de Tillaard: voc

      • Helmut Zacharias - Light my Fire (1971, DE, lounge)
        Helmut Zacharias is a classical trained German violinist, orchestral leader and arranger. On this lp he assaults some well known pop songs.
        I knew him from the wonderful Ultra-Lounge on the Rocks cd samplers and a few days ago I saw this lp for 5 and I couldn't resist buying it.

    • November
      • Cabaret Voltaire - Seconds too late (1980, UK, electronic/new wave)
        Everything you always wanted to know about Cabaret Voltaire.

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

      • Eric Swan - Jingle Encore (FR, electronic/library music)
        Once you arrive at library music you are lost.
        Library music is produced to be used in radio and television shows that cannot afford their own composer. It came out on lp's and was never available for the public. The lp's were bought by broadcast companies and stood in the library, wa

      • Tuxedomoon - Scream with a view (1979, US, new wave/electronic)
        I always liked this second 12" (and 4th release) from Tuxedomoon and it gets a 6 on the White Noise Scale. I saw Tuxedomoon again last year and they were exactly the same as 25 years ago, including the (nowadays) lame light show. No fun anymore.

        a1 Nervous Guy [4:00]
      • Minimoog

        Found on Japanese blog (which means "Music priest's chamber description" according to Babel Fish).

      • Soft Cell - Memorabilia (1981, UK, electronic/new wave)
        Not the first single from Soft Cell as I thought, but the third as you can read on the Marc Almond site. Anyway the first 12" and a good one. About the neurotic side of travelling and a consumer nightmare. Musically well expressed. A 7 on the White Noise Scale.

        Produced b

      • The Scientific Americans - Beyond Fiscal Distress (1980, US, new wave/dub)
        A 'Killing Joke - Nervous System' like concept. A 9" flexi-disk in a kind of envelope with a lot of artwork. All included in this post.
        The music has a dub like Jah Wobble and a hysteria voice like Devo.
        Here is a web page about the band. Made by one of its members.
      • Killing Joke - Nervous System (1979, UK, new wave/gothic)
        The first, double B-sided, 10" of Killing Joke. Less 'heavy' than their later work, more dub-like.
        It was not packed in a proper sleeve, just the front on a sheet of paper and some cards where included.

        1 Nervous System [4:19]
        2 Turn to Red [4:02]
      • Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's dead (1979, UK, new wave/gothic)
        First 12" from Bauhaus where the echo machine defines the sound.

        1 Bela Lugosi's Dead [9:31]
        2 Boys [3:07]
        3 Dark Entries demo [1:21] (not mentioned on the label)

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

      • The Human League - The Dignity of Labour (1979, UK, electronic)
        Second release: a 12".
        Instrumental, minimalistic synthesizer work.
        They didn't carry on in this direction.

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

      • BZN - 14 Gouwe ouwe (1968-1976, NL, rock/pop)
        I can imagine that some people frown their eyebrows when they see this. But this is different from what BZN produces nowadays. It's a kind of rock in Status Quo / Susie Quatro style (no offence).
        I bought this album mainly for Barber's Rock, a rock version of The Barber of Seville (F

      • Group 1850 - Mother Nohead (1967, NL, psychedelic)
        This is a copy of 1975 with a different b-side: Fire, a kind of Jimi Hendrix hard rock. You can see a television appearance in another post.

        The title is a dim joke on the Dutch name of the song Brother John: Vader Jacob. Vader means Father. And if you split Jacob in Ja Kop, t

      • Dick Raaijmakers Documentaire
        Op het Festival November Music 2006 in Den Bosch (internationaal festival voor actuele muziek) wordt in het documentaireprogramma voor de zoveelste keer ‘Op zoek naar een vergeten toepassing - een portret van Dick Raaijmakers’ vertoond.

        Er kan niet genoeg aandacht voor het werk van Dick R

      • Tuxedomoon - What use (1980, US, new wave)
        What I can see on the 5th release of Tuxedomoon. 'What use?' is taken from their album 'Half mute'. 'Crash' is beautiful music to watch beltways by and recorded with a little help from members of The Sleepers.

        [Listen low quality

      • We need Rock 'n' Roll!
        You can say that!
        I mentioned in my post of Chris and Cosey that I played in the basement of Paradiso.
        Some recordings are made, and you can listen to them on YouTube at your own risk.
        If you think my web radio is vague, try this.

        It was a 'headphone concer

      • Gil Trythall - Nashville Gold (1972, US, electronic/country)
        The second lp of Trythall with electronic country music from 1972.
        Pay special attention to 'Nashville Moog', which is a kind of manual how to use a Moog in country music.
        See also my post of Country Moog.

        Side one:
        1 Wichita Lineman
        2 Martha Whit

      • Vanavond! / Tonight!

        The Bauer Melody of 2006, cd release party (14th nov.) at the Paradiso Amsterdam!

        The concert is recorded and you can watch it on

        Please also visit:

      • Hey June (1970, NL, pop/rock/psychedelic)
        This is a sampler with Dutch bands who where not so well known, except for Brainbox. But there are musicians that became widely known in other formations.
        Jan Akkerman plays with Ritmo Natural. He just had left Brainbox and after this recording he formed Focus.
        Hans Dulfer (father of Can

      • Supersister - Last Picture Show (2006, NL, psychedelic/canterbury)
        Supersister did some reunion concerts in 2000.
        Now they released a 2 DVD set with the complete registration of the Paradiso concert and a documentary of the rehearsals for and concert at the ProgFest in L.A. Included on the DVD is a slideshow of old pictures of Supersister (including some of th

      • Claude Denjean - Moog! (1971, FR/CA, popular electronic)
        Space versions of popular tunes, mostly moog, some guitar, bass and drums. In my search from which country Claude Denjean actually is coming, I stumbled on a page of Nationaal Pop Institute (NL, now 'Beeld en Geluid') where it states that he arranged three lp's with songs of Annie M.G

      • Greetings from Marseille

        I have wi-fi now and then near the door of my hotel room.

      • New Bauer video at YouTube (2006, NL, Canterbury)
        In case you wonder: this is not about Frans Bauer, but the Amsterdam pop duo Bauer.

        And remember: Bauer live November 14th in Amsterdam, 18th in Den Bosch.
        I'll be there all three times.

      • No posts this week
        I'm in Marseille now (yes, I have a live).

        Next week I start off with Claude Denjean - Moog!
        Thanks to Gio.

      • Goblin - Profondo Rosso (1975, IT, electronic/prog rock)
        Goblin made a big hit with the soundtrack for Profondo Rosso.

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

      • Rexy - Running out of time (1981, UK, electronic/new wave)
        As promissed, the lp of Rexy

        Side one:
        1 Perfect day [2:47]
        2 Heartbreak hotel [2:28]
        3 In the force [3:11]
        4 Funky butt [3:01]
        5 Nervoso [4:18]

        Side two:
        1 Johnny B Goode [2:52]
        2 Send in the clones [4:07]
        3 Running out of ti

      • Dutch Pop Giants (1969, NL, pop/rock/blues)
        This is my first lp. I got it with my first record player.
        It was a mono player, but we discovered that Philips mounted a ceramic stereo cartridge in it.
        So we soldered two extra wires on the cartridge and led them to the auxiliary input of my transistor radio and we had stereo!

      • The Human League - Being Boiled (1978, UK, electronic/new wave)
        How come the first record of a band always is the best?

        You can see them playing this song live on Granada TV 1978.

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

    • October
      • My blog system is broken
        Something strange happened to this Simple PHP Blog system.
        I cannot choose November as entry month (???).

        Have to find out what it is.
        Till that time no posts.


        Solved half an hour later.


        Luckily PHP program

      • Fad Gadget - Back to Nature (1979, UK, electronic/new wave)
        His first and best single.

        Not shared anymore. Complaints received.

      • Group 1850 - Mother Nohead @ van Oekel's Discohoek (1975, NL, psychedelic)
        This is a late appearance of Group 1850 on Dutch television.
        I don't think the Group really existed at that time. It is Peter Sjardin who is playbacking, but the rest are invited friends I suppose.

        Van Oekel's Discohoek was a persiflage on other popular music programs, pres

      • Tom Dissevelt, Kid Baltan - Song of the second moon (1967, NL, electronic)
        Although the single 'Song of the Second Moon' is from 1957 (!) this lp was released in 1967 in Europe. My version has the titles of the USA release of 1968. Dick Raaijmakers who worked as engineer at the Philips NatLab may not use his real name, because he was just a Philips employee, so h

      • Aktien Gesellschaft A.G. - Park Television (1993, NL, electronic/computer)
        The first 10 years P.A.R.K.4DTV broadcasts started with a leader made by Maarten Ploeg. It was completely made on the Amiga in Amos (with that programming language you could easily exploit all the audio and video capacities of the Amiga).
        In 1993 we made a record of the tune, it was very diffic

      • Soviet Sex - Tokyo (1981-1997, NL, electronic/punk rock)
        There are two kinds of Soviet Sex, one with drum machine from 1981 and one with Ellen ten Damme, 1997.
        In this post I included one song from a 'Vinyl flexi' (1981, electronic) and two songs from a cd single (1997, punk rock). With a voting campaign, we got that in the Tros Top 50.
      • Chris and Cosey - Night Shift (1982, UK, electronic)
        Chris and Cosey were part of Throbbing Gristle, together with Peter Christopherson and Genesis P-Orridge.
        I catched a glimpse of the latter when I was performing with Raudio for le Placard in the basement of Paradiso, Amsterdam, two weeks ago; Psychic TV was playing on the main stage.

      • Gil Trythall - Country Moog (1970, US, electronic/country)
        It was Berend Dubbe of Bauer who draw my attention to Switched on Nashville.
        According to him this is gabber country.
        Very funny and it's amazing how Mr. Trythall could make these sounds with a Moog synthesizer.

        By the way, Bauer does a concert with the Metropol

      • Telex - Twist a Saint Tropez (1978, BE, electronic)
        I wrote already something about Telex in a previous post.

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

      • Mechanical Man (1978, US, electronic/new wave)
        Mechanical Man really is Devo.
        I think these are demo sessions, maybe even a real release of Mechanical Man before they called themselves Devo.
        And put on the market with a cheap sleeve that says Devo when they became well known.
        A collectors item these days

        This imag

      • Solution - Live in Oenkerk en Middelburg (1972, NL, Canterbury)
        Another self made cd with old live recordings of a dutch band.
        Abroad not so well known Solution did a reunion concert this year.
        They only played 1 1/2 songs of their first lp, the best one.
        Here are 1 3/4 ;-) numbers of the first and two good ones of the second lp. Fever is not live

      • Christopher Scott - Switched-on Bacharach (1969, US, popular electronic)
        After the huge success of Walter Carlos with Switched-on Bach, a lot of Switched-on albums were produced. Finally there was an idea what to do with that expensive Moog toy. Here is one with a wink to the original.

        In Japan this lp is re-issued on cd.

        Side one:

      • The Danse Society - My heart missed another beat (1982, UK, electronic/gothic)
        From Vinyl issue 19

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

      • Fad Gadget - Untitled (1983, UK, electronic/new wave)
        This one you got as flexi disk with the Dutch new wave magazine Vinyl.
        Almost each issue included a flexi.
        The coming days I will post some more.

        This track "Untitled" later appeared as "Sleep" on the B-side of "One Man's Meat".
      • BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Doctor Who (1963, UK, electronic)
        Very early electronic work for the mass.
        Written by Ron 'did I write that' Grainer, but the sound was created by Delia Derbyshire and that was what made the tune famous.
        There is a documentary about the BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Alchemists of Sound.

        My copy

      • Space - Carry on, Turn me on (1977, FR, electronic/disco)
        Another commercial electronic record.
        Space is mainly Didier Marouani and better known for their hit Magic Fly.
        You can see the video of that song on with in the background the alpha version of Winamps Milkdrop visualization.
        The cover is a still f

      • Pinker Tone - Louie Louie (1982, electronic/synth pop)
        Nothing is known about Pinker Tone, the more is known about the song.
        You can read everything you never wanted to know about Louie Louie and were afraid to ask at The Louie Louie Pages.

        I don't think Pinker Tone has anything to do with the Spanish band The Pinker Ton

      • Phew - Finale (1980, JP, electronic)
        Maybe you thought my other posts were weird.
        Listen to this!
        Phews first solo single, produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto.
        An 8 on the White Noise Scale.

        Later she made a self titled lp with Conny Plank, producer of the first and only excellent lp of the Eurythmics, an

      • Maarten (van der) Ploeg (1958, Arnhem – † 19 februari 2004)
        How careless can one be?
        In April 2006 there was an exhibition of Maarten Ploeg's work that he gave to friends. They asked me too, but I couldn't remember Maarten ever gave me one of his works.
        And now, between all kind of boxes, I saw a red map with this inside.

      • P1/E - 49 Second Romance (1980, DE, electronic/new wave)
        German band with Alexander Hacke alias Alexander Von Borsig (Mekanik Destruktiw Komandoh, Sprung Aus Den Wolken and early member of Einstürzende Neubauten).
        Amazing how many of yesterdays small bands have websites nowadays.
        Here is a list of all publications of the two songs on this single

      • Rexy - Don't turn me away (1979, UK, electronic/new wave)
        I have not much to say about this. The a-side is highly recommended. Listen for yourself.
        Vic Martin plays the keyboards, he also played in the Eurythmics and with Gary Moore.

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

        I also have the lp, so if there are

      • Uitzending gemist? Dik Voormekaar in De wereld draait door.
        Daar is-tie weer! Nou nou, nou nou.
        Weer heel even terug, fans krijgen er geen genoeg van.
        Klik op de foto om het nogmaals te zien.

        De Dik Voormekaar show, live in De wereld draait door.
        Zie ook m'n vorige Dik Voormekaar post.

      • Some of my best friends are Canadians - Feeling Sheepish (1980, UK, electronic/new wave)
        Is this Phil Thornton who makes new age / world music records these days? Not bad, but this is different stuff!
        Speaking Clock gets a 9 on the White Noise Scale.

        Really good and totally unknown.

        Phil Thornton - Vocals, keyboards
        Kym Guest - Vocals

      • Mistral - Jamie (1977, NL, electronic/synth pop)
        An early synth pop tune written by Robbie van Leeuwen (ex Shocking Blue). All sequencer stuff with a very female voice of Sylvia van Asten. The flip side is muzak.

        Silly cover, but the mice liked it.

        [Listen low quality]
        [Download high quality]

      • Electronic Concept Orchestra - Moog Groove (1967, US, electronic)
        The Electronic Concept Orchestra made three albums: Moog Groove, Cinemoog and Electric Love. All containing Moog versions of popular songs. I got Moog Groove from Feddo (thanks), my mate in old psychedelic music. It is a pressing from 1969.
        I think The Electronic Concept Orchestra was not a rea

      • Gerry & the Holograms - Meet the Dissidents (1979, UK, electronic/new wave/weird)
        I wish I wrote those words.
        Another Absurd Record.
        'Did I say there were 16 of me? / I'm sorry, there's only 1 / The others are just fragments / Of Gerry and The Holograms...'

        I read somewhere

      • Minny Pops - Kojak (1979, NL, electronic/new wave)
        Dutch band, at the time of this Kojak 7" formed by Wally van Middendorp (vocals, Korg Mini Pops rhythm box), Frans Hagenaars (bass) and Peter Mertens (guitar).
        The latter I know from P.A.R.K., our tv and internet art broadcasting foundation.

        Very minimalistic electro

      • Transvolta - Disco-Computer (1978, BE, electronic/disco)
        This was the prediction of the Groovebox.
        Nice mechanic disco tune with vocoder.
        Transvolta actually is Dan Lacksman of Belgium band Telex.
        Telex represented Belgium for the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest and immediately the organisation made a problem about the use of the vocoder.
      • Passage - New Love Songs (1978, UK, electronic/new wave)
        Passage was a band from Manchester and produced the first years two 'concept singles': 'New Love Songs' and 'About Time'.
        For the first one they were accused of sexism and, well, if you listen to the lyrics on 'Love Song' and you don't have humor, yo

    • September
      • ........and the Native Hipsters - There goes Concorde again....... (1980, UK, electronic/weird)
        Very weird record.
        I think most people find it irritating.
        ........and the Native Hipsters are Nanette Greenblatt and William Wilding.
        Typical 'do it yourself', they even stamped the label themselves.

        1 - There goes Concorde again........
        2 - Stan

      • Vpro Piknik (1970/71, Hippie music)
        Today no electronic record.

        I stumbled upon a self made double cd with music from the dutch television programs called Piknik (1970) and Campus (1971).
        It was broadcasted live by the alternative television organization VPRO. Two bands played live every episode.

        After 25 ye

      • Goed gezien
        En het probleem is niet dat je tureluurs wordt van het staren naar zo'n klein schermpje?
        Accenture: beperkte belangstelling mobiele TV
        Televisie kijken op de mobiel is mogelijk, maar wllen [sic] mensen dat ook? Volgens een ondersoek [sic] dat Accenture hield onder 10.000 consumenten i

      • Gershon Kingsley - Pop Corn (1969, US, electronic)
        This was the original one, still available on the cd "Music to Moog by".

        Gershon Kingsley recorded it in 1969, but only after three years it became a huge hit, not in his version but in the versions of Hot Butter and the Popcorn Makers, that sounded much like the re-

      • Anarchic System - Pop Corn (1972, FR, electronic)
        A vocal version of this well known tune by Gershon Kingsley.
        Tomorrow more about Pop Corn and Kingsley.

        I bought this single for two euro in a little restaurant in Amsterdam: Latei. This a place at de Zeedijk 143 which not only is a restaurant, but also a second hand shop. Everything

      • Bar-le-Duc, ambachtelijk bronwater

      • Drinking Electricity - Cruising Missiles (1980, UK, electronic/new wave)
        Here is the second single of Drinking Electricity I own.
        On the b-side a version of 'Shaking all over' that deserves more the label electronic. I knew that song from the Who (Live at Leeds). But it is written and first performed by Frederick Heath using his pseudonym Johnny Kidd.
      • Drinking Electricity - Shake some action (1980, UK, electronic/new wave)
        Not much known about this band.
        Formed by Anne Marie Heighway and David Rome.
        Produced by Bob Last and issued on his pop:aural label.

        Overview of pop:aural records.
        The Discography of Drinking Electricity.

        On the b-side a cheap version which is more e

      • The Normal - Warm Leatherette (1978, UK, electronic/new wave)
        A hit for Grace Jones, but written and first performed by Daniel Miller as 'The Normal', the first release on his own Mute label.
        Very minimalistic.
        B-side: T.V.O.D.

        Not shared anymore. Complaints received.

      • The Sound of Criss Cross - Classics Moog Indigo (1973, FR, electronic)
        The coming weeks I try to upload an electronic record every day.
        Electronic for me means synthesizers, sound effects, weird noises.
        Once a week an lp, the other days singles.

        Today I start with an lp with popular classic melodies performed by an orchestra and an arp synthesizer,

      • From behind the cabinet: Eddie and the Hot Rods - Live at the Marquee on 9th July 1976 (UK, punk/pub rock)
        A real good one, you can feel the drive and the live atmosphere.
        I saw them once in Paradiso, Amsterdam.
        Very solid band, nice covers.

        1 - 96 Tears [2:53]
        2 - Get out of Denver [3:52]
        3 - Gloria / (I can't get no) Satisfaction [5:21]

        You can

      • Ziet er goed uit! (2)

      • Van achter de kast: De Flipperkoning - Lekker Flipperen (1981, NL, bezopen)
        Hoe kazig kun je gaan?
        Het hoesje kon wel ontworpen zijn door Jaap van der Zwan.

        Gekregen van die fijne vrienden van mij.
        Voor de liefhebber.

        [Luister lage kwaliteit]
        [Download 'hoge' kwaliteit]

      • De onderste steen boven water
        Door staatssecretaris van Geel in het 8-uur journaal vanochtend.

        Klik hier om de gezegdemix te bekijken/beluisteren.

      • From behind the cabinet: Rebel Force - Mix Gone (reggae/dub)
        Deliberately vague.
        A-side is Root's Man by Ta-Teacher Love.
        B-side is Mix Gone by Rebel Force, but clearly a dub version of Root's Man.
        Arrangement by Bob West, no writer mentioned.

        Got it on a clearance sale.

        Not shared anymore. Complaints

      • Nice idea: a Commodore 64 orchestra

        But I expected an orchestra whose instruments are Commodore 64s.
        This is a concert where a traditional ensemble plays melodies of Commodore 64 games.

      • Van achter de kast: Paul Tornado - Van Agt Casanova (1977, NL, Punk/New wave)
        Kennen we hem nog, die vreselijke van Agt?
        Was voor mij reden om te roepen dat ik ging emigreren. Nooit gedaan natuurlijk.
        Dit plaatje was wel aardig, refereerde aan de maatregel om in sexbioscopen maximaal 49 bezoekers toe te laten. Was een goed idee, zo zijn de Peepshows ontstaan.

      • From behind the cabinet: Those Naughty Lumps - Iggy Pop's Jacket (1978, UK, Punk/New wave)
        A fairly unknown Liverpool band. Sounds much like the Members, but who knows them. Short punky songs with fender guitar.
        I heard it on the radio. Every Saturday I listened to John Peel's Music on BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) that was aired by a nearby military station in Germ

      • Dik Voormekaar
        & Heeft de netcoördinator ook jouw leven verpest?
        Dik Voormekaar paste niet op 3fm want het had te veel luisteraars.
        Maar wie heeft er nog radio nodig?
        Voor 10 euro per jaar heb je weer iedere zaterdag Dik Voormekaar!
        ClubDVM zet iedere zaterdagochtend 3 oude shows (beginnend

      • From behind the cabinet: Instant Composers Pool (1972, NL, Weird)
        When rearranging my living room, I discovered some hidden records.
        Most of them are odd, I will publish them the next days.

        Starting with this 5" flexi of the Instant Composers Pool, a dutch improvisation band. Most of its members are now in the Willem Breuker Collectief.

      • Do I see that right?

      • Pat Cool - Day Break (1973, NL, Canterbury)
        Band from the south of the Netherlands (Limburg, Tegelen).
        Typical dutch early 70's sound: jazzy, mainly instrumental with lots of Hammond organ and some flute.
        Sounds a bit like Solution, Supersister and Focus (without guitar).
        Gé Titulaer sings horrible english, even I can hear

      • Ziet er goed uit! (1)

      • Aan de snackbar

      • Wiel's Web Radio
        I have my own web radio.
        There is a link between the 'Links' in the right column.
        But nobody notices it.
        So here the big announcement.

        I like sounds.
        Don't expect songs or even melody.
        All own recordings.

        Happy floating...

      • Mijn tekenvaardigheid...

      • Name Dropping
        With this installation you can write a text and then, from the printer outside on the 10th floor, your document swirls into the world.
        How many four letter messages will be send?

        I programmed this in PHP on a local Apache server for Helmut Smits.
        You can try it at th

      • Steen grap

      • Psychedelic music links
        60 70 Rock!!!
        A Pound for a Brown
        Acid Dazed
        Cagando Truenos
        Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll
        De musica alterque
        Djan's World of Oddities
        Endless Mike
        Ezhevika Fields
        FM Sha

      • Off topic, but interesting (blogs)
        Peanut butter sandwich
        Coconut Jam
        Araglins muzieklog
        The Rich Girls are Weeping
        (the branch of the horizon, yarrost live journal)
        Synapse Magazine
        Give, Get, Take and Have
        Gag de Pleg Bog
        The tie dye

      • Nasischijven naar oosters recept

        Maken ze onze nasischijven nu ook al in China?!

      • tootootje
        Tootootje is a comic strip concerning a car with a human nature.
        Tootootje lives in a 2-d world, this world exists of three exact squares (the panels), where the adventures take place.
        Tootootje experiences much trouble from its surroundings (hills, trees, traffic signs), of its miniatur

      • Create your own Radio Stations
        Pandora is a music discovery service designed to help you find and enjoy music that you'll love.

        Pandora takes your input (artists, songs) and feedback ("I like this", "I don't like this") and use the Music Genome Project to create stations that p

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    • June
      • Lowlands 1996: Tramp-On-Line
        People could jump on a trampoline and if they reached a curtain height, a melody was played, lights started flashing and a picture was taken.
        The pictures should be send to a system that guys of the VPRO started to develop, now called MMBase, and of course this didn't work (boy, was I piss

      • Elfstedentocht 1983