Doc Severinsen and The Now Generation Brass - Doc Severinsen's Closet (1970, US, Big Band) 
Monday, October 31, 2011, 04:52 PM - Music, - US, English
I mainly bought this lp recently because it includes a big band version of The court of the Crimson King. The rest of this record is also not bad, big band wise.
It reminds me of the Quincy Jones lp Walking in Space: the music ranges from trippy to kitschy.
The recording contains covers of the Beatles and Beach Boys as well.
I wonder how it managed to escape from my attention for 40 years...

Side one:
1 The court of the Crimson King [7:31]
2 Bottleneck [3:14]
3 Surfer girl [2:44]
4 Give me just a little more time [2:57]

Side two:
1 Footprints of the giant [9:42]
2 Power to the people [2:55]
3 Abbey road medley [6:06]

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The Burbank Philharmonic (1970, US, Dixieland) 
Monday, October 17, 2011, 09:52 PM - Music, - US, English
Three brothers doing dixie versions of more or less well known tunes.

Side one:
1 Big noise from Winnetka [2:23]
2 You've lost that lovin' feeling [3:02]
3 These boots are made for walking [2:42]
4 Italian village [3:08]
5 Banjo city [2:41]
6 Hey Jude [3:13]

Side two:
1 King of the road [2:30]
2 Spinning wheel [2:16]
3 Michelle [2:12]
4 Light my fire [3:04]
5 The happy whistler [2:38]
6 My special angel [2:45]

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Ht Vi Qu Hng (1982, DE/VN, new wave) 
Sunday, October 16, 2011, 04:38 PM - Music, - DE, - VN, English
Ht Vi Qu Hng was a one time project of Holger Hiller and Walter Thielsch (both: Palais Schaumburg) with three Vietnamese refugees singing traditional songs.
Walter Thielsch died January 13th 2011 at age 60 in Hamburg.

Side one:
1 Ht Vi Qu Hng [3:12]

Side two:
1 Saigon ep Lăm [2:16]
2 Trng Cm [3:23]

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Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls - Live Paradiso, Amsterdam NL, 1981-03-05 
Thursday, June 2, 2011, 10:11 PM - Music, - UK, English, who has many live recordings of bands around 1980, asked who owned the recordings of this concert.
Me! Who else?
I never published them before because the quality is not so good (crappy basf cassette).

Here they finally are:
1 Screaming in the darkness [3:31]
2 Searching for heaven [2:54]
3 Time slipping [3:43]
4 Dream sequence [3:13]
5 Two shots left [3:25]
6 When will we learn / Mr. X [7:37]
7 Animal crazy [2:53]

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Gershon Kingsley - Much Silence 
Thursday, March 18, 2010, 01:31 AM - Music, - US, English
After a very long time, finally a real music upload again. I do it more or less to get some attention (at least I hope getting it) for my new travelers site. See the banner on the right, look at the cute creatures, can you resist clicking on them?

About the share:
This is not the happy and cheerful sound Kingsley made in cooperation with Jean-Jacques Perrey. On this record just slow piano pieces or, as he calls it, electronic New Age music. If you listen very carefully, you can sometimes hear bits of Popcorn, although in a much slower tempo.
Not For Sale, as the back cover states.

Side one:
1 Illumination [5:17]
2 Beyond destiny [5:36]
3 Quiet descent [6:59]
4 Infinitude [5:07]

Side two:
1 Eternal moment [5:56]
2 Rim of vision [5:30]
3 Much silence [3:37]
4 Reconciliation [4:34]

Not shared anymore.
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Monday, January 4, 2010, 10:00 PM - Music, Personal

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Burnt Noodle - Next Exit (2006, US, psychedelic) 
Tuesday, May 12, 2009, 12:55 AM - Music, - US, English
Paul Lamb sent me a cd of his band Burnt Noodle. A real gem. Very nice 1969 improvisations, based on well composed songs. Most tracks start with a song and ends in a long improv. Listen to it. I can hear influences of Jimi Hendrix (Electric Ladyland), Amon Dl II, Doctor John the Night Tripper and Ginger Baker's Air Force.
There are even videos on YouTube: Jim Meets the Space Aliens and Day by Day.

1 bipolar [6:01]
2 day by day [5:24]
3 on & on [10:54]
4 road flick [8:35]
5 uncap your brain [6:32]
6 jim meets the space aliens [14:54]

I wish more people would send me cd's like this one...

[Listen low quality]

You can find more information on
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